Water Rafting in coorg

+ I can't swim, still can i come for Rafting?

Everyone on rafting trips wears life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD). Life Jacket will keep you afloat in the event if you find yourself in the river. Most of the people Coming to us are generally non-Swimmers.

+ I am a senior citizen, can I go rafting?

Fit and active seniors over 58 are recommend.

+ I have a family with young children, can they go rafting?

Yes, but Children below 14 years and pregnant ladies are not allowed.

+ is it Safe ?

Rafting is thrilling, exciting, wet, wild and unbelievably fun. However, as in all adventure sports, there is an inherent risk involved. That risk contributes to the excitement, and is one of the reasons people enjoy it so much. Our guides are trained to minimize risks, and, statistically, you're safer on a raft than in your car.

+ What is the ideal time to Come for river rafting in coorg? ?

We operate only when there is good amount of water in the river , So its only during Mid June to Mid October every year

+ Do mobile phones work in this area?

Not All mobile signal's are available, AIRTEL ,BSNL Signal is accessible near the base camp

+ What is the size of a group to go for the adventure sport?

Its Generally small groups of 6-8 people in a raft. However, if you travelling in a larger group, we'll arrange for that as well.

+ Will i get wet?

Yes you will